Connectivity Negativity

The effects of being connected often are eye-opening and interesting in so many ways. The video we watched as a class yesterday afternoon really made me notice the high amount of technology we use in our everyday life. From watching TV to using a calculator, we are always using technology even when we don’t think we are. You are woken up by technology (alarm clock), you use technology to clean yourself (electric toothbrush), you carry out your job with technology (computer) and the list goes on endlessly. The real question now is whether or not being so addicted to this is an overall positive thing or negative.

But first we need a proper definition of what technology is, on Google it says the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Today, I will be focusing on the most popular kinds of technology. I use my phone way too often, and I have witnessed nearly all of my friends get hooked to their Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or whatever they may use on their smartphones. It seems to be a curse that everyone loves to carry around in their pockets and use. I read an article about someone who continuously had panic attacks due to their addiction and stress on their social media account, and challenged themselves to disconnect for a whole month. The first few days were torture, but after that it yielded positive results. Their panic attacks disappeared and their stress levels lowered dramatically. And after the month they proceeded to using social media but with strict boundaries, and they have been fine ever since.

“It’s better to text than talk.”

If I were to hear someone say this, I would feel only pity for them. Texting and talking are polar opposites, and there is no competition on which one is better. People say its better to text because you get to edit what you say, but that’s precisely why talking is better in my opinion. It’s how life works, you take chances and make mistakes, its in human nature and its what makes us so unique. But when we text we are removing that special trait in order to achieve what we believe is perfection, while in reality perfection does not exist and cannot exist. In my opinion, we are moving farther away from being as close to perfection as possible by texting. How is that you may ask? Well, we believe that being perfect means you are independent as well as many other things right? So how is it that depending on a gadget to help you seem perfect get you any closer to actually being perfect? It gets you farther in reality.

All in all, I believe that, in the modern world, technology is essential to survive. Before when we would cook our food, a simple fire would do the trick. But now, we’ve developed microwaves and ovens to make our jobs easier and to become more dependent on technology. We are becoming lazy and technology is slowly but surely taking over everything we do, and eventually, a robot walking down a street will seem normal. We will move farther away from real people and real emotions to artificial intelligence to listen to us, and that’s just a sad world to live in. And that, my friends, is an idea worth sharing.


One thought on “Connectivity Negativity

  1. A job well done Ahmed! It would have been great for you to find and share the article that you talked about in your blog so that others could read it too. I agree that there is a big difference between texting and talking and that both are good to use. However, there is a time and place where texting might be better than talking, or talking is much better than texting. Thanks for sharing!


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