The Return

Hello, today I will be talking a little bit about myself. My name is Ahmed, and I am a Grade 10 student attending Regina Huda School. This blog was originally for my Technology 9 class, but has now transferred into the next year, my Information Processing 10 course. I have lived in Regina for about 9 years, living the rest in Muscat, Oman. When I returned here from Oman, I attended Quran School with a few current Huda School students, and it took me about 2 years to fully complete the memorization of it.

Moving on, I have been in Huda School since Mid-Grade 7 until now. I also have  four other siblings currently attending this school and two who have already graduated. I have 2 brothers (other than myself) and 5 sisters. There are two sisters and a brother older than me, and three sisters and a brother younger than me, putting me right above the middle of the family.

Finally let me discuss my interests. I enjoy playing soccer and basketball, currently in the Indoor FC Regina Soccer Association. In terms of other entertainment, I like watching Anime and playing on my Playstation 4 with my friends.

That is just a little bit about me, thanks for reading.


Legend-Book Review

Welcome back guys, so today I will be going over a novel I am currently reading for my book report called “Legend” written by Marie Lu. It is the first of a trilogy, the other two being “Prodigy” and “Champion” respectively. It has approximately 300 pages and is filled with non-stop action and suspense with a little bit of romance.

 Vernon Barford School Library
Vernon Barford School Library

First, some background information, this is set in the Western Coast of the United States, and in the novel the coast is divided between the Republic and the Colonies. The actual USA does not exist anymore, and this book is all in the Republic territory.

The two main characters in this novel are a young male named Day and a young female named June Iparis. Day is fugitive from the poor sectors of the Republic, and although he never kills people, he always manages to cause some disruption in the Republic, that’s his goal along with taking care of his family from a distance by giving them money to his brother (A.K.A the only person in his family who know that he is the “Day”) .

Meanwhile, June is the youngest military prodigy of the Republic who passed her Trial with a perfect score (I’ll explain what a Trial is later), which never happened before. She comes from the richest sector of the Republic and has no reason o ever come in contact with Day until the day her brother, a military captain,is killed. The prime suspect: Day after he infiltrated a hospital to get a cure for a disease. Although from his perspective in the previous chapter, we see that he struck Metias (the captain) with a knife in his shoulder, creating only a minor wound so he could escape. So what that means, obviously, someone else killed Metias, which meant that it was either an inside job or someone else had a reason to kill him.

Anyways, June starts to chase down Day by faking being a regular lake sector beggar, and if you want to know what happens next you have to read the book.  And since I promised, a Trial is something the military created which is, well, a trial, that decides the future of children aged 11 (mandatory).


Fidel Castro

This is kind of old news, but I will write about the death of Fidel Castro. So at 10:29 pm (Cuban time), November 25th, 2016, the commander and chief of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, died. He just turned 90 in August and his death was due to his declining health as it usually occurs with the elderly.  He governed the Republic of Cuba for about 50 years, and has held on to power longer than any current living leader except Queen Elizabeth II. There were mixed reactions from his death because he was seen as both a revolutionary leader and a ruthless dictator who killed many people and trampled on human rights.

Histolines Flickr via Compfight
Histolines Flickr via Compfight

As for the reactions, Trudeau said that he was a remarkable leader but admitted that he was a dictator who did a lot of wrong. Meanwhile, President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted :”brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades” and said he hoped Castro’s death gave Cuban Americans

“The hope of one day soon seeing a free Cuba.”

This isn’t exactly a good thing since Cubans and Americans were just starting to get along after years of sanctions between the nations.

As for his legacy, he led the Cuban Revolution with Che Guevara and overthrew Fulgencio Batista, a dictator who allowed American Capitalists in and oppressed his people, and kicked all American businesses out. As for his people’s literacy(defined as 15 year olds or over who can read and write), Cuba has a 99.8% literacy rate in that aspect, which is very astonishing because most people see Cuba as a horrible country that no one wants to live in that has no education, well, they are wrong.

 P. Marioné
P. Marioné

After that incident, the President at that time,John F. Kennedy, was angered and the US and Mafia attempted to assassinate him 600-638 times (unofficial), through poisoned milkshakes, sugars and pens, bombs and even attempted to use a salt to remove his famous beard, which is crazy, and what’s even more bewildering is the fact that all these attempts failed.

There is much more that he left behind that will take pages to explain so I’ll quickly summarize main points for you guys: The Bay Of Pigs Invasion, basically the US attempted to invade Cuba and lost within 3 days. Cuban Missile Crisis, where they allowed the Soviet Union to bring in missiles (bcuase they were being harrased by the US, not because they were evil) and the US made a blockade of ships to stop any more from coming in, which finally resulted in the US agreeing never to attack Cuba unless they directly attacked them.

He ended his presidency in 2008 where he became very ill and transferred power over to his brother, Raul Castro, and made a final public appearance where he told his supporters that he was close to death but that they had to carry on his views to see a greater Cuba, and this all happened last April.

joeldinda   – FYI This is a hospital 

My Opinion about all this:

Just like Trudeau said, he was a revolutionary leader who defied all expectations and held off the great United States, a feat not many others could have achieved. His views on politics were quite different from almost everyone, but his views on freedom of expression were outright wrong. He was a dictator, there is no doubt about that, but he holds a special place in the hearts of many Cubans as a savior of their country. The economy of Cuba deteriorated after he took over due to the sanctions imposed by many countries, at least until the US lifted them a bit when their relations improved between Obama and Raul Castro. Canada is attempting to build ties with them as well, which I believe is especially important what with the President Elect’s views on Cuba. And I hope that Raul Castro becomes a better leader than his brother in terms of how he deals with the economy.

 Stefano Liboni
 Flag Of Cuba Stefano Liboni

The Trump Card

Okay, I know everybody is definitely freaking out about the election results and losing their minds thinking about how the world will be in absolute turmoil fr the next four years, except for like 20% of America, aka the Trump voters. If you are here to read a rant then you are in the wrong place my friend. But if you wish to see an unbiased review of it, then look no further.


I’ll  talk about the rise of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States. He began his movement and everyone ridiculed him for his decision and he remained a joke until he actually began amassing followers. These followers, let’s just say it,a majority of them were white people, were made up of the uneducated, unemployed and angry folks of America, they loved Trump because he represented success and wealth, things they aspired to have. Nobody cared about his platform, they only cared about the outrageous and offensive things he said, it triggered a deep feeling within them, their racism and xenophobia. He proposed things like building a wall and banning Muslims from entering, I know you guys are rolling your eyes right now like we know this, but bear with me. I believe that it was not the actual things he said, but the manner in which he said it, let’s face it, he can be quite inspiring in a twisted way, for proof, his method worked on many Americans.


As months pass by, he wins the party nominee after kicking out Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and many more. I am talking about the Republican party here, the right-winged party similar to the Conservatives here in Canada but they lean to the right much more. At this point he put the whole party in a frenzy because he did not represent even a slightest hint of their values, but he was their nominee, and eventually they all lined up giving him support, although many of them withdrew and came back over time. Let’s keep in mind that Trump was self funded up to this point, but with the party’s support, his fame grew quickly.

In the end, the fact that people were surprised he won just means that they stayed blind from the truth and continued in their fantasy that he was just joke who would never make it.

Technology at School

Hey guys, today I will discuss the level of technology we have at my school.

So, in grade 9 we have technology class every day, where we discover our online identity through blogging . We got to make our own google and twitter accounts, although I already had a Google account, this is the first time I used Twitter and I have discovered that it is a very professional and business type of social media where people put forth their ideas, quite different from other platforms I have used.


Another form of technology we use is our phones, now this may sound normal to others, but a few years ago it was not allowed at all. We can use it during lunch to explore our social media and sometimes we can use it during technology class, which makes it a more friendly and interactive class to us students.


For more  information about my view on technology, click here.

How did he get there?

A telephone tree is used to send messages. The person at the top calls 2 people. Each person calls 2 more people. Suppose it takes 1 min to call someone. A message is relayed until the bottom row of the tree has 256 people. How long did this take? How do you know?

Ok, so as they say “When in doubt, start from the top” In this case, it will be from the top of the tree. So if it begins with one person who relays to two people, and those two people relay it to four people, and those four people relay it to 8 people, and so on and on until they reach 256. It’ll take 2 minutes each time 1 person relays it to two people, and if you count how many times the tree descends you will hopefully get 8, and 8×2 is 16, 16 minutes to relay the message to 256 people.

I’m pretty sure there is some explanation about exponents and square roots supposed to be here, because the square root of 256 is 16, but I have no idea how to explain the reason behind why we do that.

Here is an outline of my thoughts:


Connection Extension

For the past few days we were challenged to comment on at least 3 students’ blogs. In, total, I commented on 5, but 2 are awaiting moderation and one was completely deleted due to technical difficulties.

The first post I commented on was a girl named Jennifer’s blog, she discussed the thrills and excitements of travelling. This connects to me because from between 2007-2012 I have traveled to at least 5 countries, in the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, mostly in Europe though.  Anyways, check out my comment here at:


The next post I gave my thoughts on was a Percy Jackson fan discussing the first novel: The Lightning Thief. First off, I’m a Rick Riordan fan in general, I can safely say I read all of his books, and some of them more than once, actually, more than three times. I recommended the blogger to attempt to continue the series and if they were as interested in it as I was to move on to the next series, The Heroes Of Olympus. Now, wait no more, here is my comment:


SBC Math Post #3

Quick reminder, to understand this you must read my other math post, About Powers.

Are the following expressions equal? How do you know?

(–2)⁴, (– 2⁴), and –2⁴

Ok, so when you look at these powers, all you see is the same power, just with brackets put in different places. What I see is something else, two of the values of these powers will be equal while one shall be different. How does that work you may ask? Well, let’s take a look at the first power, (-2)⁴ ,  -2 is the base and we are multiplying it by itself 4 times, so -2 x -2 x -2 x -2= 16, it is not -16 because the exponent is an even number and a negative time a negative is positive.

Moving on, there is no difference between (– 2⁴) and –2⁴ because with or without the brackets it makes no difference, the base will remain 2 because the exponent is not separated from it. So it will look something like this: (-1) (2) (2) (2) (2)= -16 for both powers.

If you’re wondering where I learned this from well it’s from my last math unit which dealt with this whole topic. Hope this post helped you gain some knowledge.

This is Ahmed,

Signing off

O man I came from Oman

What you are about to read is my creative way of summarizing my life in Muscat, Oman.

Alright here it goes:

’07 traveled to Oman,

6 years in the heat no snow oh man,

5 years of education in a private school paying up with the Omani Rial, (currency)

4 siblings in the beginning now I got 6 how is that,

3 different houses with the gate no garage,

2 cars both Toyota you know we are working with the Japan’s,

1 spoken language had to learn Arabic to properly read the Quran.

Free Grunge Textures - Flickr via <a
Free Grunge Textures –


Trials Of Apollo Review

Last week I finished reading the novel known as Trials of Apollo written by Rick Riordan. First off, no, I did not buy the book nor did I illegally download it. Rather, I used an app/website called Hoopla that allows you to link your library account to it and enables you to borrow E books for some time. It removes the hassle of having to wait weeks and weeks for the physical book. I recommend everybody to use it.

Anyways, back on topic. The Trials Of Apollo is set right after the Heroes of Olympus series, which ended with a large war in which the Olympian gods and the half bloods fought against the giants and the mother goddess Gaea. Zeus was mad at Apollo for encouraging a character named Octavian (who turns out to be an evil guy) to follow his path (although it was very indirect) and sends him back to Mount Olympus to await his punishment, and he’s never heard from again in that book. The time frame between the final book of the series and this book is about 6 months, so there was about that much time for Zeus to think up a punishment long with a lot of other things that are not revealed to the readers.

This book literally begins with Apollo falling from the sky and crashing in a dumpster in New York City. He is completely stripped of his powers so he feels pain and is a shaggy and ugly teenager. This was Zeus’s punishment, he made him a mortal and sent him to Earth for causing trouble. This was not the first time this happened, in fact, it was the third. The difference between both of those times and now is that he still had powers to a certain degree. He was strong, till maintained his archery skills and was fast. But now, he is just like any other teenager you see walking down the street.  And as a joke, Zeus left him a driver’s license naming him Lester Papadopoulos, a name in his opinion, is terrible.

He meets a girl named Meg McCaffrey, who’s mother is a Greek goddess (won’t spoil the details for you) and her father died a couple years back. And through some bonding and meeting Percy Jackson, they get to Camp Half-Blood, a camp that protects demigods like Meg. Fortunately, Apollo manages to enter, and that’s a relief because most mortals aren’t actually able to physically see the camp, it just looks like land to them.

Later, Apollo realizes he has to kill Python, (his oldest and most powerful enemy) whom he struggled to defeat as a god, so he does not have much hope as a mortal, because Python is blocking his oracular powers at the cave of Delphi, which is a big problem. Telling the future is very important because without it, the future will go wild and requires an oracular go to keep it in check . But first, he needs to free all the smaller oracular shrines or areas to have enough power to retake the big one. So he heads to the Grove of Dodona, a place with a bunch of trees that can talk and tell the future, and has fortunately regrown itself in the woods of Camp Half-Blood ( the explanation as to why is very long and complicated).

And that’s it guys, what, you were expecting me to spoil the ending for you, where twists and turns are waiting to be uncovered? I would never spoil that much, but that brings it to an end.

This is Ahmed

Signing off